Nearshore Hiring

Reaching business goals with outsourced candidates.

Nearshore Hiring

Work sourced from nearby countries


Businesses hire candidates from neighboring countries for their services for different work positions. Candidates from neighboring countries are hired of services of work positions by businesses. Candidates are seldom hired from a similar or the same time zone.

Businesses profit from the resourcing of nearshore candidates as they can access skillset that isn’t readily available in their own region. It is mostly limited to hiring for specific services or projects.

Nearshore hiring enables businesses to cut down the distance when it comes to accessing the appropriate talent. It also brings down the need for hiring permanent employees. Nearshore candidates can flexibly fit into any roles you’ve designed for them and integrate with your brand image.

RIG promises of hiring assistance without any resource or time restraints. Businesses can have complete control over their projects and team engagement with nearshore candidates.

As a nearshore service provider, we source employees to regions near the client’s headquarters. Our clients get the benefit of collaborating with candidates in real-time to complete tasks and resolve issues seamlessly.

The organizations get a chance to enable work alignment between clients and highly skilled candidates. It enables our clients to deliver valuable assignments while maintaining transparency in the work.

Recruiting Talented and Experienced Individuals

At RIG, we fulfill all kinds of hiring needs based on your job roles and industry trends.

  • Accountability

  • Integrity

  • Reliance



Accountability is one of the core principles we thoroughly follow, which in turn facilitates the timely fulfillment of our commitments to clients.



At RIG, integrity is of paramount importance to us. It ensures that we do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. 



Our team’s reliance on efficiency can be easily gauged through the quality of work we deliver to our clients. 

Advantages of Nearshore Hiring

Nearshore Hiring brings businesses together with talent residing in the nearby regions. It allows one to opt for flexible work options are reduced costs.

  • Cost-Advantage

    Cost Advantage

    Saves costs incurred by hiring permanent employees.

  • Skilled-Candidates

    Skilled Candidates

    Freedom to choose candidates with desired skills.

  • Flexibile-Timings

    Flexible Timings

    Similar time zones ensure flexible work hours.

  • Fewer-Language-Barriers

    Fewer Language Barriers

    Candidates belonging to similar language regions and areas.

  • improves efficency

    Improves Efficiency

    Makes up for the shortage of permanent employees.

  • creative work

    Creative Work Solutions

    Outsourcing ensures a fresh outlook on work.

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