Direct Hiring

Permanent employment opportunities for skilled candidates.

Direct Hiring

Recruitment for long-term work roles

direct hire

Direct hiring is typically opted for when businesses are looking to hire permanent candidates for long-term work positions. Businesses prefer to get in touch with direct hire candidates directly once they’ve been chosen for a particular role.

Businesses may choose to work with a staffing firm to find candidates or depend on their internal talent resource teams. Once hired, the candidates are eligible for a permanent position and the inclusive benefits.

Direct hiring provides businesses with a complete control over the hiring process. Since the management stays in control of the process, it enhances the quality of hires. The businesses not only get to assess the work performance; they may also prioritize them for re-engagement.

Maintaining talent pools may be a tiring and time consuming process. At RIG, we work towards saving you resources but also bring you a larger talent pool, similar to your industry.

Our database ensures that your business would have access to readily available or interested candidates at a shorter notice. We connect you directly to the candidates with the targeted experience and skillset required by your business.

We connect with you to find the most result-oriented candidates in the industry. We make hiring a flexible process with the help of the latest technology tools.

Recruiting Talented and Experienced Individuals

At RIG, we fulfill all kinds of hiring needs based on your job roles and industry trends.

  • Accountability

  • Integrity

  • Reliance



Accountability is one of the core principles we thoroughly follow, which in turn facilitates the timely fulfillment of our commitments to clients.



At RIG, integrity is of paramount importance to us. It ensures that we do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. 



Our team’s reliance on efficiency can be easily gauged through the quality of work we deliver to our clients. 

Advantages of Direct Hiring

Direct hiring attracts the top candidates in the field and they bring value to your firm. They may prove to be more productive in the long term.

  • less time consuming

    Less Time Consuming

    Post-hiring, the recruitment process is simplified.

  • broader selection

    Broader Selection

    A large number of candidates prefer permanent positions.

  • stronger commitment

    Stronger Commitment

    Employees stay committed and loyal to the organization.

  • competitve advantage

    Competitive Advantage

    Attracts the top talent from similar organizations.

  • saves resource

    Saves Resources

    Saves the effort of hiring new employees frequently.

  • niche position

    Niche Positions

    Helps you find candidates for difficult positions easily.

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